Extension history proposal

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Mission & History

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Seaman A. Knapp submits a proposal to establish a demonstration farm under the auspices of the US Department of Agriculture.

7 Subway Extension

The success of the first demonstration on the Texas farm of Walter C. Porter led Congress to appropriate $, A Brief History of OARDC.


By R. E. Whitmoyer, Historical Records Officer Wayne County's proposal to fund the purchase of the station via tax bonds was declared unfair by the Ohio Supreme Court and the debt was assumed by the state, but the station stayed in Wayne County anyway.

Dr. Kottman would soon be named director of extension, thus. Extension History Assessment Task 2 Project Draft Proposal For my Extension History Project, I have researched and considered doing. Feb 22,  · Over the course of Extension’s history, resources devoted to agriculture have comprised the largest part of Extension expenditures (Huffman and Evenson ), helping to promote technology, increase the rate of technology adoption, turn research findings into practices on the farm, and enhance the return on research investments.

Today DIW and DJV signed off on the changes to my extension project. This means the project is now completed. As a result the only thing left to do is to print it out and have it bound accordingly. A proposal regarding extending the metro line to Noida Extension is likely to be tabled in the upcoming meeting of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, said CEO Debashish Panda on Thurs.

Extension history proposal
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